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SHIELD screen protector for AIM MyChron 5
  • SHIELD screen protector for AIM MyChron 5

    SKU: SM5

    Our Nano Glass screen protector provides a great level of protection using a nanometre thin hybrid film / tempered glass material, precisely designed for the AIM MyChron 5 lap timer.


    Nano-Glass is an innovative material combining the strength and protection of traditional, thicker tempered glass screen protectors with the flexibility and thinness of a film. 


    The multi-layer material consists of a layer of tempered glass, sandwiched between two flexible film layers, this combination gives Nano Glass it’s extreme durability and flexibility.


    In the pack:

    Nano-Glass Screen Protector for AIM MyChron 5 lap timer.

    Application Kit

    - Polishing Cloth

    - Smear-free wipes

    - Bubble Removal Card

    - Dust Removal Stickers

    Model specific fitting instructions via a QR code.



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